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        What is Civitas?

        People often ask: “What is Civitas?” Answering that it is a “society where ideas meet,” Civitas’s motto, may appear a bit cryptic and unhelpful to the uninitiated.

        We are a membership-based, non-profit organization that exists “to promote and deepen understanding through the exchange of a wide range of political, economic, social, religious, cultural and philosophical ideas concerning the principles and traditions of a free and ordered society.”

        To that end, we organise events, chiefly our annual conference, to bring together people who share an interest in these ideas.

        "For those of you who are not yet familiar with Civitas, it grows out of Canadians’ desire to take up one of the great challenges of Western civilization: how to reconcile our desire for individual freedom with the need for social order. Every society and age throws up new challenges requiring us to balance these precious values. As a ‘society where ideas meet,’ Civitas is an organization dedicated to promoting and nurturing that conversation in Canada today. We bring together people with an interest in conservative, classical liberal and libertarian ideas and allow them to engage with some of the world’s finest minds who are grappling with these questions."

        Brian Lee Crowley, Past President

        Contact Us

        Please contact Civitas using the form about membership, conference tickets or other inquiries.

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